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1. RC bandito (Modded)
2.Arena Workshop Level Garage with
Bennys Mechanic
3. Facility (must be same as your friends) with 6 cars and 1 car slot empty (for AA trailer)
4. A friend
5. Invite only session (preferably free aim so that you can do targeting mode easily)
6. CEO office and Buzzard
7. No Joining of jobs or change of session by you in the middle of the glitch
8. No personal vehicles on the map before starting the glitch

Friends Requirements-

1. A facility (Friend and you must own the same facility otherwise this glitch won’t work for you)
2. An avenger with vehicle workshop
3. A car that can go into vehicle workshop
4. Arena to invite you at the end (invitation might work at apartment or office too - not tested tho)


1. Friend goes inside his avenger with his car
2. He invites you
3. Friend sets up double tap ps button
Join part
4. You both get in the vehicle
5. Friend calls mercenaries on you
6. Friend exits avenger
7. Friend joins friend in different lobby and different targeting mode
8. Friend accepts the first alert and stays on 2nd for 7-8 seconds
9. Friend joins the second alert after 7-8 seconds
10. You are on infinite black loading screen now
11. You hear the wasted sound after 10 to 15 seconds
12. You spawn at Mount Chiliad
13. Register as CEO and fly to Office
14. Once outside office request AA trailer
15. Once it’s on the map enter the office garage
16. Hop in any vehicle and you’ll get a black screen
17. You’ll see yourself at the facility after 7 seconds with AA trailer
18. Invite your friend back at this point
19. Go out and request a vehicle from Arena Workshop Level and drive it in the facility
20. Swap it with AA trailer
21. Goto Arena
22. Do the Bandito part like in the video (your part will be a bit different if you are just transferring mods from bandito because livery steps are a bit different)
23. Instead of getting into a car on the final step to merge, hop on the AA trailer
24. Friend invites you to his arena
25. Accept and exit his arena and enter yours
26. Check AA trailer
27. Force a Save, Goto creator and invite only

Done !

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