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Crossout -- Triple Avenger Hover

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In this episode of Mr. G Plays Crossout I think I may have settled on my favorite build. This is a triple Avenger hover build and it is just so simple.

Triple Avenger Hover Build:

Quantum Cab
Gas Gen
Ammo Box x2
Icarus x4
3x Avengers



Patreon Link:

Crossout Website:

Crossout Steam Page:

Crossout Patch 9.50 Patch Notes:

Crossout Battle Royale Features:

Up to 32 survivors take part in the fight.
At the beginning of the brawl, all players appear at random points on the map and control the same armored cars.Each car is armed with an Auger.
The player needs to find weapons, modules and structural parts on the map and install them on his armored car.
All these parts are located on the battlefield at the points marked with flags .In addition to the parts, you can also find repair kits and cartridges / shells for your weapons.
In order to install this or that part on the armored car, you need to approach the flag and press the 'R' key.Ammunition and repair kits are picked up automatically.
Attention! The ammunition of all guns in this mode is limited!
Attention! Parts mounted on the armored car can not be shot off!
Using a repair kit gradually restores the durability of your armored car. One repair kit will restore 105 durability points. Remember that taking damage will stop the effect of restoring your durability points.
Each battle parts and ammunition appear at the points randomly.
A minute after the start of the battle, a special cargo appears on the map (the location is marked on the map and radar).In the future, the same cargo will appear every 1.5 minutes. Anyone who can get their contents, will be the owner of one of the most powerful guns. But be careful and always evaluate possible risks.
After the destruction of the enemy, all the parts and ammunition collected by him will remain at the spot of his death.And, of course, you can get something new from them.
And, perhaps most importantly — never forget about the storm, watch it move around the map and do not let it take you by surprise.Unlike the confrontation with other Survivors, you will have few chances if it reaches your armored car.
The damage caused by the storm depends on how deep you are in it.
The damage from the storm also increases depending on the area of the map, which is already covered by it.

Game Description:

Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from a myriad interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive online battles!

Key Features:

Unique vehicles, crafted by players using a wide range of available parts: from nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles and even combat walkers.

Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations: Create vehicles of any shape using a wide range of parts, with a wide variety of armour and weapons to help support your arsenal.

Advanced damage model: destroy any part of an enemy vehicle and it will affect the machine's performance immediately.
A huge arsenal of weapons: From chainsaws to power-drills, machine guns to rocket launchers, and a wide range of variety including flying drones and stealth generators.
Your own workshop: create new and advanced parts, and auction them at the in-game marketplace.
Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered in battle can be sold to other players.
Choose your own battle strategy: Apart from victory, the only thing that matters is your Survival!

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